The game's main features
In the current Version, HairyHarry includes the following features:
  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Editable characters with many different hairstyles
  • Very funny-looking dynamically moving hair
  • Three different singleplayer modes
  • Multiplayer via tcp/ip network
  • Realistic ball physics
  • Game statistics
  • Minimal hardware requirements:
    Pentium II 450 MHz, Riva TNT2 32MB
  • 4 player mode ( 2 human vs. 2 human via network )
  • Optional adaptive speed ( game gets faster during one rally )
  • User definable themes: define new graphics, hairstyles, sounds, and colors
  • New themes can be selected/downloaded directly in the game
  • Game update ( reminds you of new versions of the game )
  • Mulit-language support

  • New since Version 1.2.0:
  • New network code! We tried very hard to improve network play as much as possible. As a result, playing in a LAN should be a lot smoother, and playing over the internet is possible if you have a fast enough connection (e.g. DSL with fastpath).
  • A lot more flexibility in the design of themes. You can now edit over 30 parameters such as gravity, ball and player size/speed, and much more. In addition, a custom dynamic library (DLL) can be written to replace the entire rendering and sound code. This means that all the programmers among you can create pretty much every special effect you can think of within the game! The DLL we use for our classic theme is included as sample source code, so you can get started quickly. To see how such a new theme can affect the game, check out the new "International Karate" theme.
  • Turbo mode (optional), which makes gameplay faster for advanced players.
  • Support for 10 languages, and possibility to easily add new ones. If you are fluent in any language that is not supported yet, feel free to contact us in case you want to do a translation!
  • Initial serving side is determined via random generator for network and 2 player games.
  • Optional background music (theme dependent).
  • Ping pong mode (optional) for 4-player games. If enabled, the two players on the same side must alternately hit the ball.