FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is Hairy Harry?
Hairy Harry is a simple and fun beach volleyball game, intended for beginners as well as advanced players. And best of all, it's totally free!

What does hair have to do with volleyball?
Nothing, we just thought the moving hair looks kinda cute.

How do I install Hairy Harry?
Just download the game, unzip it and run harry.exe. No installation is required. To uninstall, just delete the game folder.

What are "Themes"?
A theme in Hairy Harry is a collection of new graphics and sound files. By selecting a different theme, you can give the game a completely new look. In the options menu in the game, you can choose between the different themes you have installed, and even download new themes on the fly.

I want to make my own theme, how do I do it?
Check out the Theme tips for an introduction.

I have created a new theme, and I think it's great! What do I do with it?
Just mail it to themes@hairyharry.de and we'll add it to our theme collection.

I want my language supported in the game!
No problem! Just check out the language text files in your harry/data folder, pick your favourite source-language and translate it. If you send the new file to us, we'll post it on this website for download.

Are you still working on the game, and when will the next version come out?
Yes we are! We try to constantly improve the game whenever we find the time. We cannot specify an exact release date for the next version, but fortunately the game will remind you whenever a new version is released.

I can't host/join any network games!
If you have more than one network adapter installed in your system, you need to tell Hairy Harry which one should be used for network games. You can therefore adjust the "winsock_net_interface = 0" value in the harry.cfg. If needed, you can also change the port number the game uses (the default is 1567 TCP and UDP).

What to do if my internet connection is very slow?
You can adjust the "net_updaterate = 5" value in the harry.cfg. If you increase this number to 20, the game will only transmit network packets every 20 ms - this will decrease the network load especially on slower connections.

Why do i have so much lag when playing on the internet?
You may observe a higher lag when playing Harry online compared to some first person shooters. Thats because we do not have an dedicated game server - which means that the server will have to calculate all player/ball positions. There's no way to improve this except by using connections which have much less ping times ( like ISDN or DSL with fastpath ).

I have found a bug/I have a suggestion for the game!
Please drop us a note in the contact section. If you think you have found a bug, please give as much information as possible about your system, configuration, operating system, game settings etc.

My firewall sais the game wants to connect to the internet at startup! Is this some kind of spyware?
Not at all! The game is simply trying to receive information about new game versions and new themes at startup. If you don't want the game to do that, open the file harry.cfg in a text editor and set the internet_allowed value to 0.

How come there is no mouse control? Will you add it?
Currently, controlling the game/menu with the mouse is not on our todo-list, but we might add it in a future version.

The game runs very slowly, even though I have a 1GHz or greater CPU!
Some PCs (especially older notebooks) don't have decent hardware acceleration for graphics. For Hairy Harry to run properly, you need a graphics card with hardware OpenGL acceleration.

I don't get the hairmaker thing/I can't run hairmaker!
If hairmaker doesn't run, you probably need to install Microsoft's .NET Framework. You can download it for free here. If you just can't figure out how to use hairmaker, press the "Help" button in the program.